Double sterilization formula

1 Non-chemical poisoning, will not cause bacteria to resist the disinfectant

2 Aegis TiO2 photo-catalyst formulation has the function of sterilization and removal of indoor formaldehyde (HCHO)

Aegis AEM5700SC
Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly
Pass toxicity test, US FDA, China FDA food safety verification
Safety and environmental verification in several advanced countries: US, Canada, Japan, EU, etc.
AEGIS® Aegis AEM5700SC , unique physical puncture sterilization, making bacteria unable to establish resistance (different, chemical poisoning fungicides)
Photocatalysts use photons to decompose harmful pollutants, turn into harmless carbon dioxide and water

Aegis TiO2 photo-catalyst formulation treated clothing
Aegis TiO2 photo-catalyst formulation use photons to decompose harmful bacteria and pollutants
Harmless carbon dioxide and water, improve air quality