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AG2-IV AirGuard (Ivory)


Product Name: AirGuard2 (Ivory)

Model: AG2-IV

Size: 13 cm (L) * 12.5 cm (W) * 22 cm (H)

Device capacity: 800 ml (empty bottle)

Coverage: 500 square feet

Colour: Ivory


Speed clean, indoor air quality (IAQ) upgrade to excellence level *

Timing mode, can automatically enter the purification mode and standby mode, easy worry.

Simple control, key operation, adults, children can master the use.

Fashion appearance, clean indoor space, improve the quality of life.

* Measure the room by 300 feet. Test Report: IPJ16-113-RP003, Acoustics and Air Testing Laboratory Co. Ltd.

Product Description

Product Name: AirGuard (Ivory)

Product Type: AG2-IV

Product Size: 13 cm (L) * 12.5 cm (W) * 22 cm (H)

Device capacity: 800 ml (empty bottle)

Coverage: 500 square feet

Colour: Ivory

Simply plug into the USB power source


[This product should be used in conjunction with BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid]

Recommended Applications:

Home vaccination – living room / dining room, kitchen and bedroom.

Public places – schools, hospitals, clinics and entertainment venues.

Working environment – office, conference room, manager room and boss room.

BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid

Main natural plant ingredients:

Spearmint, Arteannuin and Matrine

The main feature:

Sanitization, disinfection, decomposition of the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), such as: formaldehyde and deodorization.


[Hong Kong University of Science and Technology] Long-term Inhalation Safely Test Certificate

[Hong Kong PolytechnicWell-Known University] Human Skin Sensitive Test

General use:

When used, you can spray directly in the air or on the surface of objects for sanitizing. The natural ingredients of this product may cause colour fading on the surface of leather and wooden items. Recommend to wipe after use.


For external use only. Adult’s guidance is necessary when used by children. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in dry and cool place.